Monday, January 30, 2012

No more double workout days

I think I have done it three times now.
Gone for a run after I had already hit the gym for one of my classes. You would think after the first two times I did it that I would learn I am not quite at the point where I can do that on a regular basis and not be exhausted!

Well, I ended up doing it again tonight. Now granted, I did it because it would be the only chance this week I could get out for a run with my partner. I wanted to make sure we got that run in together, so I wanted to push for it and go.
Monday's are my step class mornings. And we had a new release in our class, so my body was not used to the new routine, therefore a great class that beat me to a pulp.

So going for a run in the evening was just another way to torture myself:)

It was the second day of week three, so still on the three minute run. The second interval through I was definitely hitting the wall on that last three minute one. I'm not convinced that had I not done the class in the morning, I wouldn't be feeling so sluggish on the run, but let's go with that theory anyways, makes me sound good. I did realize on these last two days that I think I prefer the longer stretches of runs, rather than week two which was 45,60 and 90 seconds. I guess that is the idea, right? otherwise no one would run longer than a minute at a time! But I did find that at least running a longer time length, I felt more rewarded when that walk break finally hit. I felt more in charge, and not so much "oh my god, I can't do another cycle!" sort of thinking.

 I am nearing the halfway point on this C25K journey and I am getting a little nervous. I made the mistake of flipping ahead to the next few weeks training intervals and I almost lost my lunch. I am in one sense looking forward to getting to that point, but of course terrified of not being able to do it.
Small Steps..
Let's complete week three first!:)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

On to Week Three!

I honestly am a little surprised I am at week three. Part of me thought after a week or two, I would have given up and gone back into hiding, but here I am starting week three and I am pumped about it.
Today my partner and I ran together, this time through my neighborhood loop. The loop here is 4km long, so it would serve for my runs until we get closer to the 5k mark. My partners loop is 2.5km, but she assures me she already knows how to weave herself through the community to make that 5k mark and beyond.

We began with our warm up walk, chilly, but a lot better than our last run. The sun was out, so that helped with motivation as well as some heat and light. This weeks run is two rounds of a Three minute run, followed by a 60 or a 90 second run (I can't remember, I had a double take on the three minute run!)
I was surprised the three minute one was first, but off we went when my little ringer hit. We continued to chat and worked our way through. Before long I was just beginning to feel like I couldn't do anymore of it and had no idea how I was going to survive the three minutes.. and wouldn't you know it.. my bell rang through my coat..


That didn't seem to be as hard as I had thought it would be.. Maybe there is something to this...

Once again, we continued on our way until the run was complete... Except we were just a little over halfway home.
So rather than walk to our corner to turn and go home, we decided to kick it up and run, probably another 90 seconds to finish it off..

Yup, I ran when I didn't have to.
Running outside has been a lot better than I thought it would. In fact, I think I may continue outdoors, rather than the treadmill (weather permitting of course:))

I still kind of feel like an imposter. I mean, how can *I* be a runner? Can I even say I am with only a three minute run under my belt, or am I just a runner-wannabe?

In either case, I'm enjoying it

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Week 2 complete - Bring on week 3

I have actually survived two weeks on this running program. The last two runs have been a bit hard on me because I have been feeling under the weather. But I still completed them, did not try to get out of doing the runs and enjoyed myself regardless.
That in itself is a huge deal to me.

On the run today, I realized that even in 6 short workouts, I can already feel a change in myself. I made it through this last run without feeling horribly exhausted by the end. I wasn't struggling to make that 90 second run. I was enjoying myself.
I still have many more weeks left to go in the program before I can even classify myself as any sort of runner, but for now, I'm happy with being a 90 second champ.

Monday, January 23, 2012

First outdoor run

Obviously something in the last week or two has changed inside of me. Seems the desire to have a goal and complete it has made me into some sort of machine when it comes to getting my run in. My partner and I had decided to do an outdoor run tonight for the first time. She hasn't run in over a year, and I have never run outside, so at least we were both on the same level playing field. In the last 24 hours I have come down with a not so pleasant cold. Overall, nothing serious, but a bit of congestion and a runny nose. Something like this normally would stop me from doing any sort of activity, not so much for fear of getting worse, but because I wouldn't want to get out of my warm bed or jammies to do anything.

How times have changed.

I did decide not to go to my step class this morning, because I knew that would probably take all of my energy for the day, and honestly, I really wanted to give the outdoor running a try. So I stayed low with the kids today, and I managed a bit of a rest in the afternoon to "charge" myself up so I could do it.

I met my partner at her place and we geared ourselves up to go out. Weather wise, the temp during our run was approximately -5 degrees with a brisk wind behind it. So a little chilly, but not horribly cold. I am however, an indoor girl, so this was beyond anything I had ever done before.
We set ourselves off and began our program. The first half was decent. We were downwind and downhill, making things easy on me. Trying to dodge sidewalks that were still covered in ice was definitely a challenge. We kept talking and just plugging along waiting for the little ringer bell to signal our next walk/run. As we came around the second half, we were now uphill and into the wind. My poor snotty nose was leaking like a faucet, making me a pretty ugly running partner. Thank god my partner doesn't care what I look like:)

The last phase was tiring for me. Having never run outside, my pace was slightly slower than on the treadmil, and I wasn't used to this cold air lodging itself into my windpipe. Every so often I would have trouble catching my breath, only because the breath before was freezing cold! We laughed and giggled our way back to our starting point, which ended up being almost right on the beginning of our cool down.
Somehow, I had managed to run outside.. in the cold.. in the winter.

I had a chuckle to myself when we had finished. Everytime I left my own house in the winter and I passed by someone running on the street in inclimate weather I would always think to myself.. "God! Why in the hell would you ever want to go out running in this kind of weather? You crazy yuppie runner!!"

Somehow tonight.. I became one.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Winter Cold...


I have a cold. Thankfully nothing severe, at this point but it just hit today. I know that things can get a whole lot worse tomorrow.

And tomorrow is supposed to be my Step Class in the morning as usual, and I am running outside with my partner for the first time.

Not the time for me to get a cold.
I have been drinking my water and tea, staying warm and quiet and hoping that today is the worst of this cold and tomorrow will be better.

As much as I would honestly hate missing my step class in the morning (I actually do like going), I am much more disappointed in the prospect of not being able to run in the evening.


Did those words just get written down on this page??  I am an overweight stay-at-home mother who has run a total of 4 days lasting barely 90 seconds at this point, and I am DISAPPOINTED in possibly having to miss a run?? What in the hell just happened to me??

God, I would hate to think if I got sidelined for longer than a day...

I am planning on attending both right now, but we will see how the evening goes and how I wake in the morning. As much as I want to be able to o it all, I know I will do more damage to myself if I do not stay healthy.

So healthy vibes please:)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Week 2, increasing by double

I was expecting week 2 to increase the amount of time for the runs, but I was hoping things would go a bit slower and say only increase by like 10 seconds a run. I had a little groan when I saw the circuit was 45 seconds, 60 seconds and 90 seconds.
But I'm pumped.. I can do this.

I started off decently. Until it was time to run. Maybe its because I am still so new to this running thing, my body is kind of rebelling against me for doing it. After that first 45 seconds my feet and legs were already crying out it agony. By the time my first 90 second run hit, I could feel my back getting a stitch somewhere and my calves were on fire.


How am I supposed to get through the second and third circuit if I am already dying???
I continue on, catch my breath during the 2 minute walk at the end before the next circuit can begin. I was already saying in my head, "oh boy.. I hope I can do this"

I began the next 45 second run and somehow I didn't feel near as tight as I did the first time.
Ok.... Maybe I can get through..
The 60 second run began and I could feel a small smile playing on my lips..
Somewhere between my walk here, that nice little man voice said I was halfway done already..
When the 90 second run hit, I was ready. I sailed through that minute and a half without any problem.
I could SO do this!!

Finally, my last circuit began and I was starting to feel the fatigue, but I wasn't sore or uncomfortable, So that was a good thing.
Before I knew it, I was on my last 90 seconds.. And you know what?? I ran an additional 20 seconds, just because I didn't feel like stopping yet.

That made me smile:)

I did find though that I had periods of time during my run where my toes on my right foot felt numb. They didn't hurt, and I seemed to have plenty of room to move my toes around, so I can't see it being my shoes are too small, but maybe the seasoned runners can help me. Do I just need to break the shoes in a bit more?

Apparently my next run might be taking place outside. Thank god we have a chinook hitting us overnight, so the weather will rise above zero. My running partner and cohert has requested a run outside together, so we are going to see what our schedule is like next week..I can't say I"m overly thrilled because I am a HUGE indoor girl, but I suppose I have to learn how to run on pavement and not the tread:)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Completed first bruises to show

My first week on the C25K program has finished and I am proud to say I survived the three sessions and felt pretty good about it at the end. I went this morning for my run and took advantage of my hubby working from home, so he could stay with the kids. Having done too much on Monday with my step class on top of my run, today I wanted to just to my training and call it a day.

This time I actually paid attention to the intervals I was doing. So for those interested, its 30 second run, then a 45 second run and finally a 1minute run.. three times. I am pleased to say that after my first minute long run, I was already feeling soreness in my calves. But by the end of my second minute run, I was feeling limber and actually wanted to run a little bit more...And then of course at the end of my third minute run, I was definitely done:)

I know as my weeks go on, the intervals will get longer. Im excited for that, and scared at the same time. I've never done anything like this before, so the thought of failing weighs heavily on me. I have failed many times before when it came to activity that I really want to succeed at this. Hell I don't have any aspirations to become a runner. I don't want to do marathons, or triathlons or even spend my summer outside running. Maybe the more I progress, the more I will want to run, but for now, I just want to be able to set this goal, and accomplish it.

I know I am only a week into this, but I feel very excited about the prospect of completing a 5k. It makes me excited to get out of bed in the morning, especially on a training day. I look forward to coming back on here and writing about my run and how things went, even if for no one but myself. I really do hope the motivation and excitement stay with me. I don't neccessarily want to run.. but I do want to finish.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Frickin' Freezing!!

Today it is -43 with the windchill. Now I don't know about you, but I had a hard enough time taking my eldest to preschool, let alone make the decision to go running outside.
If you did, you are my new hero:)

That said, today was a rest day for me anyway, so there was no running to speak of. I definitely paid the price for overworking myself the last few days. Three days in a row at the gym, plus the double up yesterday was a bit too much for me. A nice hot bath last night and some quiet time today is making a difference.

I am looking forward to my weekly weigh in tomorrow to see if my overzealousness (is that even a word) paid off.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 2 - Oh boy...

Day 2
Not that exciting yet, right? After my first day of training on Saturday I felt pretty good. I wanted to get back out and do another day, but I knew I needed to follow the directions and have a day off at least in between to heal and reflect. So instead, on Sunday I went to my pump class to get out of the house (and alone time away from the kids). Monday is my normal step class day and I look forward to going to the gym for that. For whatever reason I thought it would be smart to add my second day of training to the end of my class to get it over with.
It was good thinking at the time..

Sometimes I forget that I can't do everything at once. I don't normally spend three days in a row at the gym. I don't usually stay beyond my class to do anything else. I'm beat, and ready to go home. But for today, I decided I should just do it now rather than have to trudge my way way to the gym for Tues night, the next opportunity I might have to run.

So after 60 mins of a high cardio step class, I grabbed my phone and hopped on the treadmill. Since I was pretty warm and limber already, I only did about 2 minutes of warm up walking before beginning.

I was off and running for my first few sets and managing ok. Until the counter told me to run again and I saw the timer start at 60 seconds..

Say what??? I thought this first week was just 30 second intervals?? You want me to run for a solid minute now??
Puff puff puff... Oh god... kill me now..

Somehow, I survived the minute, began my next walking phase and tried to ignore the throbbing feeling my legs were getting. I was already shouting inside my head "stop! stop!! you can't do it anymore today! Come again another day!" And then the ring hit telling me I was halfway home..

Only halfway??? Are you kidding me??! How in the hell am I supposed to survive a longer run, if I can barely survive day 2???

I was nearing the end, my legs were killing me, my toes felt on fire, but somehow I kept on going. Run 9 finally hit and I gave it my all for that last burst. (I have no idea how long it was, I finally turned my phone around:))
Ding! Begin Cool Down.

Day two now behind me, I learned one important thing. Probably not wise to run after my step class. Not because I couldn't do it, but because I have no idea if I was that fatigued because I did my class first, or fatigued because of the run. Most likely because of the class. But I would like to know how the run makes me feel on its own.
So I will do my best to make my runs on non normal gym class days.
Tomorrow is definitely a day off of the gym!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week 1 Day 1

Even though there is about 13 weeks until my first race, I decided that there was no time like the present to start the program.
Now I am definitely not an "outdoorsy" girl. I like the inside. I like being warm and comfy. I like my couch.
But I am no stranger to the gym either. I enjoy going to classes and working up a sweat. I like the time away from my kids to think, to be me again. So it should come as no surprise that my first "run" should take place at the gym.

Calgary is a few hours away from getting hit with a Arctic Wind, bringing in snow and frigid temperatures. So the idea of running outside is making me a bit sick to my stomach. Plus I just bought myself new shoes, and they needed to be tested out before I wanted to take them outside..

Hey, just because I'm committed to running this, doesn't mean I can't try to make excuses!!

Anyways, I decided to run at the gym today. I was already out teaching this morning, and the gym is steps away from my work, so why not. I did in fact buy new runners and I wanted to test them out to see if these ones worked better then the other three pairs I had tried recently. I had purchased my C25K app for my Iphone and had set my music up, ready to get me pumped up and ready.

For anyone that has never done this program, it is a way to "ease into running." You commit to 3 days a week for approximately 30 mins to do your run in. This first week of program is basically saying "Hello walker... are you ready to kick it up a notch?" My first day on program was made up of a 5 minute warm up, followed by nine intervals of running and walking. Each run was 30 seconds long followed by a .45-1.5 minute walk. It is just enough for you to get your heart pumping, see what your feet can do and remind yourself just how long 30 seconds can be.

My little app has a voice that tells you when its time to flip from walking to running and back again. No watching the clock, no having to guess when your time was up.. But yet, I still found myself watching the seconds count down in my 30 second intervals. By Run #4, I had to turn my phone around so I could not see the time clicking down. 30 seconds is short it you are watching tv, or talking to a friend, or even having a shower. 30 seconds running lasts For.Ev.Er!! By Run 5, my little man voice came over my run telling me "You are halfway there!!!" Well, wouldn't you know it.. I put a smile on my face and kept on going. Somehow after completing the first half, I knew I could complete the rest.

And I did. I finished my first day on the program, and came out relatively unscathed.
Plus my new shoes weren't half bad. Thank god I will have a nice indoor week to keep testing them out in the gym.. I might be coming out of my shell a bit by learning how to run, but I am certainly not someone who will endure -25 degree weather to get my run in outside! Thank god for my gym membership!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

How did I get myself into this??

I must be crazy.
How else would you describe someone who has never run a day in her life, all of a sudden decide "I'm going to run a 5k race."

I have never been a runner. I have never had any desire to want to run. I still don't in all honesty, but somehow I have had it in the back of my head that "one day" I would like to sign up for a race and actually do it. Somehow I convinced myself that this was the time to do it.

Did I mention it is January?? In Calgary? And that we are about to be hit with a wicked winter storm with temps dropping to -25 degrees after an unseasonably warm start to winter?

I told you... Crazy.

I was talking with a good friend today about how she was dying to get back out and running again, but needed some motivation to do it. I casually mention that I was actually considering doing the Couch to 5K program and signing up for a 5K race this year... For something to do..
Before we both knew it, we had committed to each other to do it together. 45 minutes later, we were finding a race in the spring and punching in our credit card numbers to sign up.

Who does that?? Who just all of a sudden says "I'm bored with my step class.. I think I need to be a runner" .. Yeah.. apparently me.

Now I'm not completely out of shape. Prior to getting married 4.5 years ago, I had lost 100 pounds. Pretty big deal. Then I had kids. For anyone that has kids, you know that sometimes you lose who you once were, and your life becomes nothing but your children. And if you have kids and you are overweight, then you also know just how hard it is to get yourself back on the wagon and turn your life back around. I have been an avid Step Class Enthusiast. I have been going to Body Pump for a few years and have finally worked my way up on the weights to a point where I "feel the burn" each class. But somehow it just doesn't seem to be enough for me.

I am at the point I wanted something to look forward to.. I have always been ok with staying on my weight loss program and doing what I needed to do, but I have never really set out any goals. It was always the mindset that the weight will fall off in its own time, I don't need to rush things, etc etc.. But now I wanted something to push me to work harder, push me to do something I was not comfortable with.. push me to reach a goal..

Hence my hasty agreement to run.

I have a secondary reason for pushing myself into this as well. I am part of a Biggest Loser Challenge with a community of online women I have been chatting with for years. In fact, I'm the event coordinator. We have 60 women who each paid $15 to compete over the course of the next 12 weeks to shed the pounds. The kicker... First place takes home 50% of the money paid.. which stands at about $440. So I wanted to push myself to really give this contest a good shot, push myself to do whatever I can to get the weight off, push myself to get off of the couch more.
The great thing is our BL challenge ends the week before I run my very first race. It would be amazing for me to not only win the challenge and take home some much needed clothing money, but to go into the race the following week a good 20-25 pounds lighter than I am now.

So here I am.. a overweight mother of two, who has never run a day in her life, always picked last in sports, couch potato extraordinaire... about to embark on a journey to become a runner.