Monday, June 18, 2012

Moving into 10k territory

Somehow I was (easily) convinced to do a 10k run at the end of August.
Both my partner and I have slacked off on the running as of late. Ive been strength training at the gym, and timing has been off for running. So the thought of jumping into a 10k was done on a whim with little hesitation on our part.


My last few 5k runs, as previously discussed have been incredibly Meh. with some interval training mixed in and a lot of walking involved. In fact I haven't run a solid 5k without stopping since my second race back in April. Ive been taking a lighter approach to running, and as I said earlier, strength training took top spot in my exercise routine. But now that I have agreed to a 10k, I guess I better make sure to commit myself to running at least twice a week in order to make sure I dont look like a complete ass during the race.

The race is under 8 weeks away and most training programs I have seen for jumping to 10k, are a little over 8 weeks long, with 3 days a week running. So I know it is a very long stretch to assume I will be able to run a solid 10k without stopping.

But that doesnt mean I'm not going to try at least! I do know for this one, it will be for fun, enjoyment and trying to push myself past a point I never thought I could do. And if that means I have one or two or ten walk breaks, then thats fine by me. 10k is still 10k.. regardless of how fast or how long it takes.

So it begins again. Training to run. training myself to believe again.
Should be fun:)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quiet on the streets

I have been quiet as of late.. I have been running, but I have taken a bit of a break on my running weekly. I began a strength training program 6 weeks ago to help aid in my weight loss efforts, and in order to do so, I had to cut back on some of my cardio workouts. I was running three times a week plus a step class, so I had to move things around and take a breather from them for a little while. So lately I have only been dedicating one day a week to running.

It has been nice somedays to not have to go and run. While I do miss it on some levels, I found it to be a nice change to go back to the gym more often and work on something I have never done before. I guess this year is all about trying new things for me.. First running, now weight lifting. Certainly wouldn't think of those things if you looked at me, thats for sure!

I have been getting out at least once a week for a run when I can. My last few runs I have taken a slightly different approach to just going out and running my 5k. I really want to concentrate on building my stamina and being able to shed some time off my totals. So to do that I need to interval train. So my runs lately kind of look a lot like they did 6 months ago when I began.. segments of runs dotted with walking. The difference though is my run segments are a heck of a lot faster than they were back then.

Thanks to my Garmin, I have been able to see how fast my pace has gotten during my intervals and I was thrilled to see on a previous run that I was almost a minute 'faster per km than my 'normal' pace is. I average about a 8:20/km pace, and for my run two weeks ago, I was at a 7:30/km pace for 2km solid.. I definitely pushed harder on that one and I was so happy to see that kind of time. Unfortunately I pushed so hard in the first 2k, that I was completely spent by the time I hit 3.5k. I did continue with my intervals my by time was definitely slowing down the longer I was out there.

This last run I did I just decided to run. I hadn't been on a run in 10 days due to a hugely busy schedule, so I was just happy to get out this morning. The weather was pretty muggy due to rain last night, plus looming storms later today so I wanted to get it done early so I could relax. I think it was the earliest I had ever gone for a run, 8:45am! I started off and was definitely sore from yesterdays lifting session, so I knew it wasn't going to be a fast time. I just wanted to run.

My pace was slightly slower than normal and I only managed about 3.5km before my feet gave way and I stopped running. I was a little disappointed in myself for stopping so soon, but I had to shrug it off and allow myself the walk. Obviously my mind wasn't quite in it this morning and I struggled to break through the wall. Something I do need to still work on... allowing myself the walk if I need it. There is no shame in walking!!!

My partner and I are looking at more races this summer. Im currently waiting on schedules for all sorts of different things happening to see what runs will work for my weekends. I would love to get in two more at least this season.

So that is where I am at.. running, but enjoying other things right now, still hoping to get in one or two more races.. still working on me.