Sunday, May 6, 2012

Playing with my new toy

I have been researching and eyeing a heart rate/gps style watch for my runs for a while, but the cost factor was hindering me from being able to get one. Imagine my surprise when Costco all of a sudden had a Garmin watch on their shelves for about half of the cost that I could find anywhere else..Sweet!! With the generosity from my mother, I was able to purchase the watch and give it a spin this week on my runs.

Ignore the crappy time and distance on it. My run this afternoon was not as good as planned:)

In any case, I am still figuring things out with it and learning how to use it properly. I do love the heart rate monitor on it and I can't wait to look at the data... once my husband figures out how to make the program work with linux..

I took the watch for a spin on Thursday for my run, and decided to do my normal loop at home to see how the GPS matched up. Unfortunately I made a split decision at the 3km mark to glance at my watch.. And watching the time was then something I ended up doing every few moments.
Ugh.. not what you want to do when you are trying to concentrate on the run. Of course I ended up slowing down and fatigue set in because I knew where I was in my run. It was stupid of me to look at it.

But lesson learned.. don't look at the watch:)

I am excited to wear it in my next race this coming weekend on Mother's Day!

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